Grundwelle is an organization specialized in the Energy storage sector. It offers high quality and reliable solutions for various sectors in the field of Energy storage systems by an experienced and passionate team. Continuously working to best understand and meet the requirements in the sector, Grundwelle prioritizes customer satisfaction with the innovations of developing technology.

Grundwelle’s mission is to meet the needs of our customers by providing them with innovative and reliable energy solutions. In line with the principles of quality, reliability and sustainability, Grundwelle aims to offer the best products with the best service.

Grundwelle serves domestically and internationally with a wide service network. We offer fast, reliable and timely solutions to our customers with a wide and high quality product range, comprehensive and reliable after-sales services.

At Grundwelle, we recognize our commitment to understanding customer needs, ensuring sustainability and taking responsibility from our business partners and suppliers worldwide. We value excellence at every stage of our business and focus on innovative technology to achieve it. We pursue this goal by building long-term relationships with our stakeholders, colleagues and customers.

We aim to stand out in the sector by keeping product quality and service standards at the highest level. The batteries in our product portfolio are manufactured based on the latest technology and undergo rigorous quality control processes. With our ISO, CE and IEC certifications, we offer high performance, durability and reliability at international standards. We work day and night to be a reliable brand in the sector with our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Environmental sensitivity and sustainability principles are at the heart of our way of doing business. While operating in the battery industry, we bear a great responsibility for the protection of the environment and the importance of sustainability. For this reason, we continuously strive to minimize environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of our products, starting from their production.