Blackbatt BB24-6 DZF 12V 24Ah Electric Motorcycle Battery

Blackbatt BB-DZF Series batteries are specialized batteries designed for electric vehicles that require high power density. Its compact gel chemical structure and extra strengthened plate technology with Bird-Calcium provides excellent performance in electric vehicle applications. BB-DZF Series batteries, which exhibit superior performance even at wide operating temperatures with its special formula, are compatible with mining vehicles, AGV systems, solar applications in addition to electric motorcycles.

  • Corrosion Resistant Pb-Ca multi-alloy plate
  • High energy and power density
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Superior discharge capacity at high discharge currents
  • 2 years shelf life
  • 5-year life expectancy


Voltage : 12V
Capacity : 26.8Ah@10hr-rate to 1.75V per cell @20℃
Terminal : M5 Female
Dimensions : 181 x 77 x 170* mm (Width x Length x Load)
Weight : Approx. 6.5 Kg
Maximum Charging Current : 4.18A

*Total height including terminals