Datasafe 12HX330 12V 80Ah Full Maintenance Free Dry Type AGM Battery

EnerSys DataSafe HX Series are VRLA batteries designed to provide superior solutions for UPS, IT and Telecom (select models) markets that require high levels of security and reliability. With a life expectancy of 10-12 years in Eurobat standards, the DataSafe HX Series incorporates exclusive design features that maximize reliability while providing superior performance and excellent service life.


-Long design life
-Low self-discharge characteristic
-High Discharge power
-Wide operation Temperature
-Conforms to IEC, JIS, BS and YDT standards

Voltage : 12V
Capacity : 28.0Ah@20hr-rate to 1.75V per cell @25℃
Terminal : F3(M5)/F13-BP(M5)T24(M5)
Dimensions : 166 x 176 x 176 x 125* mm (Width x Length x Load)
Weight : Approx. 8.10 Kg (Tolerance±3.0%)
Internal Resistance : Approx. 11.0 mΩ
VRLA Technology

*Total height including terminals